About us

The ‘terma‘ in our name – the Terma Linca Journeys, is ancient term for mystical treasures. It shows our passionate code that every moment of travel through our company is to be treasured. We believe in our hearts and minds that you should treasure very moment with us, be it while planning, during or after your travels.

We endeavor in every stages of your trip with us that you have the most authentic Bhutanese experience blended with the latest of comforts and highest of safety and service standards. Even though, one may have creature comforts found elsewhere, one will not forget that one is in Bhutan as you travel with us, either in our carefully crafted existing packages or tailor made programs refined to your wishes.

Such optimal blend of travel experience is executed with the best of industry’s professionals that have teamed within the Terma Linca Journeys. There are some of the industry’s earliest professionals providing experience and vision to the enthusiastic and modern trained colleagues that not only understand the global trends or national industry philosophy but who on everyday basis strive to learn about people – you. So that all the knowhow and experience cumulates into making an all encompassing journey just for you.

Our team here is strengthened with our partners abroad who believe not only in us, but also in our safety standards, equipment, choice of local partners (hotels, restaurants, horsemen, etc.) or the trainings of executing staff – be it in the field or office. These are the jewels that make the terma you shall find with us.

The Team

Tsewang Rinchen, CEO

Our CEO, Tsewang Rinchen has the making of an ultimate trip designer. A 20 years of experience in the Bhutanese Tourism industry (where responsibilities ranged from leading trips, managing evacuations, planning and managing travel/ tours, events, marketing, etc) along with top certifications from various national & international tourism authorities combined with his travels around the region and the world empowers Tsewang with all the tools to make your trip a wholesome experience.

The Aljazeera once called him the “Fixer” as acknowledged by National Geographic Expeditions, GeoEx, BBC, Butterfield & Robinson, Explore, etc for whom he has led trips, if not serving as Expeditions Manager besides handling custom trips for hundreds of traveller to Bhutan and out of Bhutan.

Beyond his passion of travels, he has also looked after National Archery Federation of the Bhutan and helped set up independent organizations like GAB and then organized related national events. His wide range of interests is also apparent in more than seven languages or dialects he commands as does his reading interests that range from philosophy to quantum mechanics. Tsewang projects out such interests in his writing that includes sports or travel blogs, creative or feature writing for newspapers.

Tsewang loves all aspects of travel, like if he is not managing travel, then he is on ground leading reconnaissance trips or groups or on mission of finding right people on the ground by going out to them and see them perform. Learn more about Tsewang on LinkedIn Tsewang Rinchen Bhutan or ask him to design your trip in Bhutan by email and follow him on Instagram

Tashi Lhaden, Director – Operations

Tashi Lhaden’s inexhaustible energy is not only apparent in the efficient handling of the daily operations and correspondences but also in her educational achievements. After attaining her degree from Bhutan’s premiere college, she went onto earn couple of post graduate degrees in hospitality from Tourism School of Salsburz and Mahidol University Thailand. She is one of the first to start Institute of Tourism and Hospitality for the Bhutanese government.

Tashi is practicing what she preached, before and after her decade with Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality, she has worked and consulted for top hotels in and out of Bhutan, managed tourism, worked with Tourism Council of Bhutan – the apex regularity authority for Bhutanese tourism.

Tashi can tell you sizes of each nut and bolt of Bhutanese Tourism machinery in context of current and world scenarios. Want to test this or her enthusiasm, find out by emailing her now and the time it takes for her to respond. Find out more about her here LinkedIn Tashi Lhaden

Tashi is from central Bhutan – Bumthang known for glacial valleys studded with centuries old temples.

Tashi Tshering, CFO

Mr. Tashi Tshering, the Chief Financial Controller for the Terma Linca Journeys have worked for the Royal Family of Bhutan and also the Ministry of Finance, Royal Government of Bhutan. Tashi Tshering can translate all of the tourism within Bhutan into numbers! Tashi Tshering is able to work with various tourism regulatory bodies, including the government and Tourism Council of Bhutan and smoothing out the mechanism of processes and transactions that sometimes may seen be more regulatory than commercial.

Tashi Tshering is ethnically from eastern Bhutan, with roots in the South of Bhutan and living in the west. Tashi have chosen single life (at least till now) for his village, where he is active in general welfare and activities that look to improve livelihood and various faith. Often, managing their books and heading finances.

Ugyen, IT Head

Ugyen has worked for the Planning Commission of Bhutan, which is called the Gross National Happiness Commission or GNHC (the name to imply Bhutan’s holistic approach to development), before which generally for the government and then with international organizations. Ugyen is versatile with both hardware aspects of IT and software that spans from web-developing, Programming, System Analytics and Security. Ugyen and his team look after all spheres of company’s IT.

Field Team (Guides and Trekking Crew)

Our field team are known for their willingness, sincerity and “go getter” attitude along with experience. For example, Sonam Tenzin – a lawyer by training, a graduate of prestigious PuneUniversity, is known for the respect he accords to the elders within the company and with all the groups he leads, where cultural or otherwise. Tshering Lepcha is our trekking specialist known for having completed all of the hard treks in Bhutan and one of the first graduates for Royal Tourism and Hospitality. However, the challenging the trek maybe, you will not see him without a smile.

Rinzin Wangdi, called the “Pala” by his friends and colleagues  (meaning ‘father’ in a local dialect) our camp manager and trekking chef has been going into the mountains since late nineties and have set up camps some of the highest campsites in the world. Pala has crew that includes old hands like him and also young with enthusiasm and strength besides the experience and wisdom of seniors. Pala and his crew will tell you that it is hands that work more than the equipment even though it maybe branded like ‘Marmots’ or ‘Mountain Hardwear’ that we use.

Core Office & Reservation Team

Our core office team are the anchor, besides actively engaged in planning and placing various air or hotel reservations or visa applications, this mostly ladies team are active organizers of events that often come with organized trips be it a gala dinner or a disco or formal appointments, they are on top of it.  Leki, Tshering Choden, Kunzang Dema and Ugyen Tshomo are few names.

Transport Team & Vehicles

The stringent mandatory requirements ensures that the vehicles we use are are well maintained and the sense of ownership can be seen in the pride with which our people drive them. We rely on

experience of the people that have driven these mountain roads for years to give you smooth ride throughout Bhutan. Phub Dorji, Tshering Wangdi, Tenzin, Sonam Dorji, Ugyen handle the minivans or the coaster buses or the SUVs unfazed and unerringly.

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